<aside> 📢 Note that Sniffer AI Image Detector is in its early stages of development, and it’s accuracy should not be used as a method to determin AI generated images from human images.



Sniffer AI Image Detector is a Discord bot designed to help users identify AI-generated illustrations and reduce the spread of misinformation within a discord community. This documentation provides instructions for using the bot, as well as extended information on its limitations.

Installation and Setup

  1. Click here to invite Sniffer to your Discord Server.
  2. Use the /setup command to assign a monitoring channel.
  3. Use the /setup command to assign an alert channel.
  4. When an image is posted in the Monitoring Channel you will recieve an alert in the Alert Channel.

Bot Commands

/setup [action] [channel]

Setup let’s you change which channel the bot is scanning and sending alerts to.


By default the bot comes in classic mode. This mode displayes the AI & Human confidence of an image scanned. Toggling to Stats mode shows a more detailed breakdown of what type of image generator the image could have came from.


/sniff [attach image]

Using the /sniff command you can scan a specific image in any channel.

Accuracy & Limitations

Sniffer only works on digital drawings at this time. This is a limitation due to it's training data.

Sniffer returns a percentage value on scanned images. The higher the percentage the more likely the image originates from an AI. At the bots current stage Anything above 80% has a modestly high chance that it is AI generated, and anything below that is mostly likely human produced.

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